Terms & Of Use

We always strive for 100% satisfaction of our customers related to the ComtechTech Support services. However, sometimes things go wrong or in the unlikely event related to the Comtech Tech Support services, we do have refund policy for our customers.

The client getting the services must be 13 years or more one account can be utilized by one person only. This single account has a fixed scope of utilization as set by number of PCs in the agreement. A customer would further require to avail support for any additional PCs in case of needs.

Comtech delivers services through mediums like Phone, Chat and e-mail. The onsite module is not included as a mode for offering services.

Comtech is not liable to offer support for any hardware problems related to PCs, Servers, Printers, Routers and Wireless Access Devices.

Comtech does not provide replacement or takes liability for any malfunctioning computer part.

We do not provide any warranty on hardware and software under the support plan.

Comtech is not liable for preserving security of a PC such as username and password. Neither shall the company be held responsible for any losses or damages resulting from a failure to comply with a security obligation.

PC users are advised not to share their personal data like computer username and password with our tech professionals at any point of time. An accidentally shared password must be changed without delay.

Comtech cannot be held liable for any losses or damages occurring from a data theft taking place on a user’s computer.


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